• Bathroom Ceramic Floor Tile

    Bathroom Ceramic Floor Tile

    Bathroom ceramic floor tile 1. Product parameter 2. Product Features Bathroom ceramic floor tile -ceramic floor tile has Strong abrasive resistance, anti-acid and alkali, high rigidity, no radiation, no fading -The ceramic floor tile is good for house flooring, super market,...Read More
  • Bathroom Floor Tile Design

    Bathroom Floor Tile Design

    Bathroom floor tile design 1. Product parameter The floor tile for bathroom, bar, cafe, hotel lobby flooring, airport, big project etc. The floor tile is good for house flooring, super market, shopping mall, warehouse flooring, etc. We have many different colors and different...Read More
  • Rustic Porcelain Wood Tile

    Rustic Porcelain Wood Tile

    rustic porcelain wood tile 1. Product parameter 2. Technical characteristics ---1170° high temperature calcinations, the porcelain wood tile has high hardness, good abrasion resistance, more wearable than real wood ---The wood tile with good quality green raw material, more...Read More
  • Porcelain Wood Tile Flooring

    Porcelain Wood Tile Flooring

    porcelain wood tile flooring 1. Product parameter 2. Product Features --Porcelain wood tile flooring --Wood Tile has good abrasion and chemical corrosion resistance --Resistant to thermal shock --Impervious to liquids and vapor, resistant to fading, staining and...Read More
  • White Ceramic Wall Tile

    White Ceramic Wall Tile

    white ceramic wall tile 1. Product parameter -1. Antibacterial wall tile -2. Acid-resistant -3. Alkali-resistant -4. Antifreeze -5. Wear resistant -6. Non slip -7. Heat resistant -8. Heat Insulation -9. Firebrick -10. Anti-pressure -11. Anti-moisture 2. Product Features...Read More
  • Ceramic Mosaic Floor Tile

    Ceramic Mosaic Floor Tile

    ceramic mosaic floor tile 1. Product parameter Mosaic tile materials are of various colors. Ceramic mosaic tile made of natural minerals and ceramic powder, regarded as the safest building materials, mosaic tile is also an excellent environmental protection materials. Ceramic...Read More
  • Bathroom Tiles Design

    Bathroom Tiles Design

    1.Product Description Rustic bathroom tile is evolved from Glazed tile, in essence, is a glazed porcelain tile. Compared with the regular glazed, the difference mainly on top of glaze colors, rustic tiles belong to ordinary tiles, and magnetic chip is basically the same, the...Read More
  • Toilet Floor Tiles

    Toilet Floor Tiles

    1.Product Description . Surface: Rustic tiles, Matt finished, .Type: Toilet floor tiles .Size: 600x600mm floor tile .Thickness: 9.8mm .Surface: Matt . Water absorption:0.5% . Packaging: 4 Plastic corner protector ,Cartoon with wooden pallets . Certification: ISO9001, SGS,...Read More
  • Grey Floor Tiles

    Grey Floor Tiles

    1.Product Description The advantages of the full polished glazed tile The advantages of the full polished glazed tile, such as the surface is smooth and bright, the color is symmetrical, the pattern is colorful, very personalized design, can be a variety of home decoration....Read More
  • Indoor Floor Tiles

    Indoor Floor Tiles

    1 Product parameter This kind of floor tile have four design, the polished porcelain floor tiles is new generation products based on technology of ultra fine powder system in Italy. Naturally filtering many different colors. The degree of fineness reaches more than 200...Read More
  • Ceramic Tile Kitchen Floor

    Ceramic Tile Kitchen Floor

    1.Product Description Different from those who sell low price bad quality ceramic tiles kitchen floor, our popular ceramic floor tile are high-quality products with reasonable price. Our floor tiles give your house floors, balcony and kitchen a focal point with a beautiful...Read More
  • Cheap Bathroom Tiles

    Cheap Bathroom Tiles

    1.Product Description 1. LIGHT & THIN& ENERGY-SAVING The weight is lighter than the traditional tile save the logistics cost. 2. REDUCE THE LOAD OF THE BUILDING The floors below 24 meters, can stick directly to the exterior wall parts cost & labor cost reduced. 3....Read More
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